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Our offer

As a fuel distributor of PKN ORLEN S.A., ORLEN PertoTank offers diesel oil and unleaded petrol of the highest quality, guaranteeing customers' complete satisfaction.

​LPG, being a highly eco-friendly fuel, is perfect for everyday use. It can power cars or forklifts and can be used in any household as well.

​The heating diesel fuel Ekoterm Plus has been developed to power central heating boilers used in households, enterprises, and public institutions.

​BIO100 is a renewable fuel produced on the basis of vegetable oils. It can be used to power diesel vehicles.

​ORLEN PetroTank has a modern fleet of tank wagons suitable for transporting fuel and LPG, equipped with modern measuring systems, which are under the constant supervision of GPS devices.

​Fuel distribution in Poland is carried out through a network of storage depots that are parts of logistic structures of PKN ORLEN SA.


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